Our History

Local businessman Billy S. Rowland led a team that recognized the real need and remarkable opportunity to serve the small and mid-sized businesses with a community-minded bank. Each day, we work to fulfill the founders’ vision of a bank that supports our local economy, gives back to the community and builds solid relationships through expert service and knowledge.

As Buckeye celebrates more than two decades of operation, every other locally owned financial institution that served Lorain County and the North Coast has vanished because of mergers and acquisitions by out-of-town institutions. Buckeye continues to stand strong serving the area by ensuring that there is a real community bank available to the local businesses.

Community Focus

Buckeye has a stake in its client’s livelihood. We are intimately tied to the community, just like the businesses our customers run. We want to work together and leverage dollars to improve the community versus taking deposits from our community and reusing them in other places.

Through relationships built with trust and service, we work with clients to ensure that they can grow. At Buckeye, customers are not just data points, they are actual people working hard to grow businesses and be successful. Critical financial decisions are made here and made more quickly. Members of Buckeye’s leadership team live here and have the local market knowledge to allow our clients to seize opportunities.

Our Mission

At Buckeye Community Bank we empower our stakeholders while enriching our communities.

Our Core Values

Buckeye’s Core Values include:

  • Integrity - We are accountable for our actions and decisions. We do what we say we will do. 
  • Respect - We treat our teammates, clients, business partners and shareholders with respect.  
  • Reliability - We are a trusted partner in your growth and success. 
  • Community - We are dedicated to the needs of the communities we serve by providing meaningful and honest service at every interaction. 
  • Collaboration - We foster a culture of creativity, learning, personal growth, caring and inclusion.