What will I need to provide when I open an account?
Your name, address, date of birth, tax ID, driver’s license

Where do I find my bank account number and routing number?

  • Personal Checks - On the bottom of the personal checks you will find our routing number followed by your account number. The last set of numbers is the check number.
  • Business Checks - On the bottom of your business check you will find your check number is listed first followed by our routing number and then your account number.

PLEASE NOTE – Do not use these numbers for wire transfer transactions. Contact us for the proper routing instructions.

How do I sign on to Buckeye’s NetTeller online banking?
Select the Login button on the top right of the home page and enter your user ID and password.

How do I change my address and phone number?
The bank must have a signed letter or form stating the requested changes.

How do I stop payment on a check?
A stop payment may be issued either within NetTeller or you can call the bank (440.233.8800) or you can visit our branch.

  • To place the stop payment within NetTeller, navigate to the account that requires the stop payment, select the Stop Payment link and enter the details. Stop Payment fee will apply.
  • Contact the bank to have the stop payment placed. A verbal stop is good for 14 days. You will need to sign a stop payment form.
  • Visit the branch and request to have the stop payment placed on your account.

How do I get statement copies?
Sign into NetTeller, select the Electronic tab.  Choose the monthly statement you wish to view.

How do I order checks?
Please call the branch, drop your order form off at the branch, or mail the order form to the branch.

How do I set up my direct deposit?
Contact your employer with our routing number and your account number. Your employer will require you to complete a form in their Human Resource Department.


What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay is an online bill pay service that you can set up and pay your bills through your NetTeller account utilizing your checking account. Sign into NetTeller, select the Bill Pay tab and activate the service.

What information is needed for a wire transfer?
The receiving bank’s name, banks address, banks routing number, the recipient’s name and our bank’s correspondent bank routing number.

How do I dispute a debit card transaction?
You must notify the bank within 3 days of discovering the error. You may call the branch or visit the bank to report the error. We require your signature on our error resolution form.

How do I dispute a credit card transaction?
You must notify our credit card issuer, TCM Bank, N.A. See the back of your card for the contact telephone number.

What do I do with my check after making my mobile deposit?
Keep it for 7 days after the deposit has posted to your account and then destroy it.

Is there a daily dollar limit for my debit card or ATM card?
Yes, debit card limits are set at $500 per business day and ATM card limits are set at $200 per business day.

Understanding Balances

How do I access my available balance?
Sign into NetTeller and on the dashboard you will see your account balance. You may also call the bank or use you ATM or Debit card to inquiry for your balance.

How do current balance and available balance differ?
Your current balance is your balance before any debits or credits are memo posted to your account. The available balance is the balance after the debits and credits have been posted.

What is a pending transaction?
A pending transaction occurs when you use your card to make a purchase or payment and the transaction is pending until the nightly work is processed.

Why do some debit card amounts change before posting?
This could be for various reasons, one being some gas station systems do a pre-authorization of $1.00 for the transaction until you finish the transaction and then the actual amount is authorized. The same situation happens when you utilize your card to pay your bill at a restaurant, they process a pre-authorization and they bring you the slip to sign and you indicate the tip on the receipt, the restaurant may obtain an authorization for the final amount of your bill.

Why is there a hold on my account?
The bank may place a hold on your account when you deposit a check or a draft to ensure the funds clear before they are made available for your use.

When I make a deposit, when can I access the funds?
Most deposits are available for access the following business day.


Why was I charged a fee when my account had enough money?
One of the reasons a fee might have been charged is for your monthly maintenance fee.

I made a deposit. Why did I get an extended overdraft fee?
The deposit was not enough to bring your account into the positive. If your account is overdrawn for 4 or more consecutive business days and additional fee will be charged for each additional day you are overdrawn.

How many times can I incur an overdraft fee in the same day?
On consumer accounts the bank has set a 5 item limit for any items that brings your account into an overdraft status. The overdraft fees are charged on that same day.


What do I do if I suspect fraud has occurred on my account?
Contact the bank immediately or come into the branch as soon as possible to report the issue.

How do I protect my accounts from fraud?
Stay vigilant, monitor your bank statements, do not keep your PIN number with your debit card, do not give out your debit or credit cards. Setup alerts within NetTeller to assist you in the monitoring of your account(s) with Buckeye Community Bank.