Founded in 1999, Buckeye Bancshares Inc., headquartered in Lorain, Ohio, is the parent company of Buckeye Community Bank. Buckeye Community Bank was created to serve the needs of small and midsized businesses in Lorain County and the surrounding area at a time when numerous financial institutions with local roots were being acquired by larger, out-of-market banks. As an independent, community-minded Buckeye Community Bank operates with a philosophy of providing exceptional service while genuinely caring for the business owners and the community it serves.

Today, Buckeye Community Bank continues that mission with a sensible growth plan. Critical decisions are made locally by leaders who understand the local market and Buckeye Community Bank ensures that funds invested here remain in the community. The institution remains committed to those it serves and is actively engaged in meeting the new challenges of appealing to a new generation of business leaders.

Buckeye Bancshares Inc. stock is privately held and not listed or traded on any exchange. All transactions are managed by its transfer agent, Buckeye Community Bank, which maintains all shareholder record keeping. Occasionally, limited shares of Buckeye Bancshares, Inc. become available for purchase and Buckeye Community Bank maintains a list of interested investors, providing liquidity to current shareholders.

For more information about purchasing Buckeye Bancshares Inc. stock when available, please contact Heather Boone at 440-233-8803 or

Please note that Buckeye Bancshares, Inc. stock is not FDIC insured.