Commercial Loans

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Buckeye Community Bank offers first mortgages on owner or non-owner occupied commercial property. Maturities to five years with a 15 - 20 year amortization schedule.

Letters of Credit 

Import/Export and Standby Letters of Credit allow customers to buy goods on credit or guarantee the performance of a contract.

Lines of Credit 

Need a line of credit to finance temporary needs such as accounts receivables, inventory purchases or to take advantage of other business opportunities?  Buckeye Community Bank can set up a line of credit to handle your needs.

Multi-Draw Term Loan

Buckeye Community Bank offers the best features of a line of credit and a term loan in multi-draw term loans.  This loan product is for expenditures that will occur over a short period of time with repayment scheduled over a predetermined period of time.

SBA Loan

Buckeye Community Bank offers SBA 7A, 504 and Low Doc financing options with one to ten year maturities.

Term Loan

Buckeye Community Bank offers term loans with one to seven year maturities that will provide you with the funds to expand your business, equipment purchases or finance your fixed assets.

The following documents are necessary to apply for a Business Loan:

  • Year-end financial statements on company - three years (if available)
  • Most current interim financial's on company with comparable to previous years (if available)
  • Current personal financial statements and tax returns for each owner of company.
  • Copies of the last six months' bank statements for accounts to be moved to Buckeye Community Bank.
  • Articles of Incorporation or Partnership Agreement (if applicable)
  • If collateral includes any real property, provide the following documents:
    • Existing title policy or accurate legal description of property and real estate tax identification number and exact names of titleholder(s) to the property.
    • If titleholder is a land trust, a recent certified copy of the trust agreement.
    • Proof of the current balance on any loans (copy of your year-end statement from the mortgage holder) secured by the property.
    • Copy of your fire insurance policy for the property.

To provide a quick response, we need to know the following:

  • Use of the requested loan proceeds.
  • Repayment plan you prefer.
  • Projections including the repayment of the requested loan.
  • Collateral offered to secure the requested loan.
  • A description of your business and the people in key management positions including a history of the company.