Gas Scam Graphic

Jul 29, 2022

Gas prices are still high, so we all want to save money. Reports are increasing of scams related to gas saving online and through unsolicited messages, according to the Better Business Bureau

A few scams include notification of winning a gas gift card and only having to pay for shipping, discounts for completing online surveys, and devices reporting to improve your fuel effectiveness. Identity thieves can gain access your account and personal information if you respond to these offers.

Protect yourself against gas savings scams:

  • Never Pay to Win – legitimate companies will never ask for money to collect prizes
  • Do Your Research First – verify that companies are offering savings through their official sources
  • Don’t React Quickly – breathe deeply before responding to an offer, as scammers play on your excitement and think you may ignore suspicious details 
  • Avoid Useless Gadgets – some gadgets, such as fuel-line magnets and injector improvers, promise to improve fuel efficiency but could severely damage your engine

Use tried-and-true methods to drive more efficiently, such as following a regular vehicle maintenance schedule, observing speed limits and using trusted local service professionals. 

Act quickly if you suspect you have been a victim of fraud or scams by reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission or Ohio Attorney General.