Award Photo

Oct 25, 2023

  • The Institute for Extraordinary Banking has recognized Buckeye Community Bank as one of America's top community banks.
  • The Institute's Banky Award recognizes the indispensable contributions community banks make to their communities.
  • Buckeye's team was recognized for its commitment to building relationships with its partners and community and their belief that success is intertwined with community prosperity.    

Buckeye Community Bank, the only locally owned financial institution headquartered in Lorain County, has been honored by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking with its “Extraordinary Bank of the Year” award. A commitment to community enrichment and excellence in banking has earned Buckeye the distinction as one of America’s top banks.

“We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious recognition,” Buckeye President and CEO Ben Norton said. “I am proud that Buckeye Community Bank is recognized as one of the nation’s elite community banks. Buckeye was built from the ground up to serve the needs of local businesses and our community. It is a testament to our commitment to serving the community that sets us apart from others. We are delighted to share this achievement with our dedicated team and the loyal clients who have trusted us for so many years.”

As part of the institute’s annual awards program, the Banky Award recognizes and honors institutions of all sizes who are committed to strong community banking. The Extraordinary Banking Awards emphasize community banks’ indispensable contribution to their communities, how deeply woven into the community fabric they are, and their profound role in elevating the national economy.

The Institute for Extraordinary Banking Chair and Founder Roxanne Emmerich shared during the awards ceremony: “Community banks recognize aspirations, dreams, and silent hopes of small businesses and individuals within their communities. The heart and soul of an extraordinary community bank is the visionary blueprint for the community’s success and ability to enact that plan. Those banks were chosen to receive this year’s Banky awards.”