buckeye talks

Jan 25, 2021

Recent events have challenged professionals in new ways and quickly changed many workplaces making the recent Buckeye Talks on "Building a High Performing Culture" extremely relevant. Now more than ever, companies with a strong culture are thriving because their teams remain united around a shared purpose and a set of core behaviors.

The Buckeye Talks program featured Dani Kimble, a culture champion, who believes a strong workplace culture is essential for any business to thrive because its culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage. She delivered tactics on how to develop your company’s culture plan with clarity and intention leading to growth across the organization.

“Most people have never worked for a company with a bad culture,” said Kimble, who serves as O’Neill Insurance’s Chief Marketing Officer and Culture Champion. “Rather, most have worked for companies with a culture that is just undefined and left to chance.”

However, when left to fate, research shows, a company’s culture can align with the person with the strongest personality, despite the leadership’s hope, Kimble said. Further, while most corporate leaders say they know that culture is essential, most admit they do not understand how a firm’s values and behavior make up the culture equation.

Kimble shared many examples from her training and from her company to illustrate the process of creating a deliberate culture. She also shared the important lesson that it is a continuous routine to fortify and practice what is essential to your company.

Buckeye Community Bank President Ben Norton reminded those participating that “every day, we need to take deliberate steps to nurture an effective, shared and welcoming culture. Strong, authentic cultures help attract and retain great people that work to make us successful.” 

Throughout the session, Kimble shared resources and tools to get those attending started, including Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” and David Friedman’s “Fundamentally Different.” 

Kimble’s relatable reminder to all was that as leaders, you inspire action, and by working with your leadership team, you can set a path for the team members to follow.