Candle Photo

Nov 01, 2023

It is crucial for any entrepreneur’s success to be able to access a network of supporters when starting a business. As Sandstone Candle Works’ owner Joni Poli explored starting her own business, she was surprised by the amount of support and encouragement she received from fellow candle company owners - a debt she hopes to pay forward as her company grows.

“I have always wanted to own my own business,” said Poli. “I wanted something unique that would bring people together, and after visiting a candle shop in Columbus, I realized this might be the perfect thing. Upon asking the owner a few questions about her business, I was delighted at how open she was to help me from her experiences. The conversations led to introductions of additional business owners and provided an opportunity to learn, share and receive support. The strength of the owners’ community and camaraderie has enabled us to all succeed. It was important as we worked to overcome challenges during the pandemic.”

Poli, a flourishing master of candle-making art, says she enjoys the opportunity to connect with others in Amherst and the Northeast Ohio community to share unique experiences. They offer a “pour-your-own” experience and crafted products ready for purchase at their location in the heart of Amherst at 166 Park Ave.

The hands-on experience at Sandstone’s “candle bar,” utilizing an antique, ornate wooden bar original to the site, allows for not only fun but the opportunity for Poli’s team to share an artisan pursuit. The company offers individuals and groups the chance to learn about fragrances and create their own from more than 100 regular and seasonal options. The clients learn the time-honored process of pouring wax, setting a wick, adding scent oils, and creating something beautiful from start to finish. 

“Connecting with people and sharing a creative experience sure does not feel like work,” Poli said. “We have loyal and caring customers and a strong community. I am incredibly grateful for them and their encouragement.”

Sandstone offers numerous family-friendly activities, including personal and corporate events, fundraisers and education classes. 

Poli joined Buckeye Community Bank when she started her company, saying, “Their local roots are crucial to their unique ability to understand local needs and deliver personalized service. The staff is incredibly helpful, and I appreciate their availability whenever I have a question. As local business owners, we must work together to strengthen our community and grow our economy.”

It’s a sentiment shared by Buckeye President and CEO Ben Norton. “Upon meeting Joni Poli, I was struck by her passion for her craft, and her desire for the success of our community. At Buckeye Community Bank, we love partnering with Sandstone Candle Works and other local businesses who share a passion for enhancing life, growth and vibrancy in the community.”

Visit Sandstone Candle Works’ online store at and call 440-985-9299 to create your own experience or book a party.