money management

Jul 12, 2021

Controlling your cash flow effectively is one of the critical elements of running a successful business. At Buckeye Community Bank, we have the cash management tools you need to drive profitability. Buckeye’s effective cash flow management options include:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

  • Disburse employee payroll through direct deposit, make vendor payments or collect reoccurring monthly billings
  • Initiate same-day ACH credit files and debit files 

Positive Pay Check Fraud Detection

  • Issue your checks and create a file with details that are matched with the incoming checks to be paid
  • If a non-match or red flag occurs, you have the opportunity to approve or deny the check

Convenient, Secure Cash Vault Service

  • Designed for companies that transact a significant portion of their business through the exchange of cash
  • Offers increased safety by using armored carriers for delivery or pickup of cash 
  • Placing your currency and coin orders

Sweep Services

  • Maintain a target balance in your account to help improve cash utilization

Contact Sarah Smith or Melissa Velez at 440-233-8800 to find out more about Buckeye’s Cash Management Services.