Sep 01, 2020

Community banks, like Buckeye Community Bank, provide numerous advantages over megabanks, because community banks focus intently on the needs of local businesses and communities. Some community banking benefits include:

Investing Locally 
Community banks make local decisions and keep deposits and investments where we live and work, helping keep our communities vibrant and growing.

Delivering Personal Service 
Community bank officers are accessible to clients and friends, while those at the megabanks are often headquartered miles away or in another state and away from most of their customers.

Enhancing Our Communities 
Community bank officers are deeply involved in local organizations and affairs, while megabank officers are likely to be detached physically and emotionally from the communities where their branches are located.

Listening, Learning & Offering Flexibility 
Community banks consider the character, history, impact and your story in making funding decisions for you to launch or grow a business. Big banks may only look at impersonal criteria without regard to the individual and potential.

Offering Faster Decisions 
Because decisions are made locally, community banks offer better chances to seize opportunities with more nimble, quick decision-making on business financing and loans. For a big bank to make a decision, they often must gather a committee, which might be located in another state, unnecessarily delaying decisions and adding complexity to the process.

Powering the Region & Your Economy
Community banks started as small businesses and actually understand the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and their owners.