Password Graphic

Aug 30, 2022

Keeping your business and personal financial accounts secure is extremely important. Criminals don’t need to be close by to damage your business or steal funds, so you must have strong, protected passwords.

You will never receive an unsolicited phone, text or email message from anyone at Buckeye Community Bank asking for your bank account numbers, login credentials or passwords.

Protect yourself from fraud by using strong passwords to keep accounts secure. Use these tips to protect all your online accounts: 

  • Avoid Suspicious Messages – Beware of unsolicited emails and texts purporting to be from banks, credit cards or government agencies, and never click on links from the messages.
  • Create Unique Passwords - Using the same passwords for multiple sites can make a number of your accounts vulnerable if one is hacked.
  • Don't Pick Common Passwords - When creating different passwords for each account, make sure they are not obvious or contain information that thieves could find on your social media or online sharing, such as anniversaries and pet names.
  • Use a Password Manager - These tools allow you to create strong, secure passwords and store them securely without having to write them down.
  • Utilize Biometrics - Many smartphones, laptops and tablets allow you to log in with a fingerprint or face scan, making it safer than writing your password down. 

If you have any questions or concerns about a message you receive, you can reach us at 440-233-8800.