Photo of Ben Norton

Jul 18, 2022

John Galsworthy noted, “If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one.” The leaders of Buckeye Community Bank understand that concept as we continue championing our future locally while fulfilling our mission in a changing world.

Client needs and expectations have never been more fluid. We are constantly tasked with building capabilities and services to meet these needs to remain true to our DNA of partnering with local businesses to succeed. Buckeye believes that long-term growth requires genuine client centricity. Large, out-of-town institutions take advantage of algorithms, artificial intelligence, big data and scoring models that require little to no interaction. The Buckeye team continues to invest in local relationships to partner with those we serve and understand their unique value, challenges and goals.

The majority of American businesses are locally owned, and nearly half of the U.S. private sector workforce is employed by local businesses. Often, these local businesses require working capital, inventory funding and receivables financing to improve earnings and have robust growth. Without the continued success of our local businesses, how can our community thrive? According to the FDIC, community banks hold a large share of small business loans, even though they hold only a small percent of total industry loans. 

When local banks disappear through mergers and acquisitions, community pillars and champions of our future are lost. Everyone at Buckeye Community Bank is committed to building relationships that lead to more jobs, companies and investments that improve our quality of life. The benefits of these relationships remain clear, as they enable a better understanding of market and client needs.

Rapha Academy is one of our partners striving to create a better future for the next generation by providing quality childcare. Reverend Gwendolyn and Reverend Richard Gilmore have had a lasting impact throughout Lorain County with their excellent work. Local individuals and families continue to benefit from the great programming and resources they have developed over the years. The acquisition and refurbishment of the former Northwood School bring further potential to educate the next generation of residents and improve conditions for working families. The Gilmores and their dedication to excellence and service to the community make us proud to partner with them.

The future of Buckeye is also secured by our ability to attract and develop new leaders. During the past two years, Buckeye has bolstered all areas of the organization while taking a strategic succession approach to replace experienced retiring staff. We will introduce you to two of our newest teammates, Deziree Calvert and Barbara Wacker, who are eager to provide excellent service at Buckeye.

The future may be uncertain with its many challenges, however, we believe it is bright. Buckeye has a clear and robust strategy to help us thrive and serve our partners. Our community bank remains steady and realistic with a growth plan that will allow us to continue investing and building a foundation for the future.