Jul 17, 2020

As technology advances, criminals are increasingly using check fraud to target businesses. Buckeye Community Bank’s Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool to protect you from being a victim.

Positive Pay allows your team to quickly create a data file for each check issued, including the issue date, check number and dollar amount. The details of your check can be uploaded or entered directly into your Buckeye online account. As checks come into the bank to be paid, Buckeye compares the details of the checks to the Positive Pay data file. When this information matches, the check is posted to your account. Items that do not match are sent straight to you via a Positive Pay exception report. You review each item and simply make a pay or no-pay decision online.

Utilizing Buckeye’s Positive Pay dramatically reduces the possibility of check fraud by providing the enhanced ability to identify and return fraudulent items. Since all checks presented for payment are verified, Positive Pay further protects your business against losses from the payment of lost, stolen, counterfeit and duplicate checks.

Take advantage of Buckeye’s Positive Pay to protect your business by contacting us at 440-233-8800 or