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Aug 19, 2022

Your mobile device can be a treasure trove of information in the wrong hands. Despite its small size, it contains essential information about your bank, company, and social accounts and details about your friends, colleagues, and family.

Keep your information and money safe with the American Bankers Association tips.

  • Use Passcode Locks – using passcodes to open your device prevents others from gaining quick access if it is lost or stolen
  • Log Completely Out – sign out of mobile and web banking accounts, as well as other services, when you are finished with them
  • Use Caution with Apps – some downloaded apps can contain malicious software, so be aware of ones that request unnecessary "permissions" and delete apps that are seldom used
  • Stay Up to Date – update your devices and apps by downloading new versions from the manufacturer or official software store
  • Protect Your Sensitive Information – do not store passwords or social security numbers on your mobile device where others might access them
  • Clean Before Giving Away – before you donate, sell or trade a device, erase all data using specialized software or the manufacturer's recommended method
  • Beware of Phishing – do not open links or attachments in emails or texts, especially from unknown senders, and be wary of ads that claim your device is infected
  • Use Only Secure Wi-Fi – only use secure Wi-Fi when conducting sensitive transactions, such as banking or entering account information, and use a virtual private network app when using a public network 

Act quickly if you suspect you have been a victim of data theft by reporting it to the Federal Trade Commission (, the Ohio Attorney General and the financial institutions you use.

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