ben norton

Oct 20, 2020

While every bank may claim that they care about the local community, since Buckeye Community Bank opened its doors in October 1999 our actions prove our deep roots. The dollars invested in Buckeye are reinvested back into our community. The relationships developed by our skilled community bankers with local business owners help companies prosper and build financial security, in good times and bad, for their employees and suppliers, many of whom are our neighbors.

We continue to witness out-of-town banks reducing their local presence as they close branches. Without a community bank like Buckeye serving the market, our local businesses lose direct contact with a financial partner, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. Since the day we opened our doors, we have focused on ensuring services, expertise and capital is available to those pursuing business opportunities, attracting investment and creating jobs.

The marketplace continues to face challenges, but Buckeye remains steadfastly aligned to its core values. Since our launch, we have strived to treat our teammates, clients, business partners and shareholders with the utmost respect. Daily, we nurture long-term relationships with our clients and partners by delivering the promise to do what we say we will do.

We are an institution that celebrates our most significant asset, our people, realizing that there is no success without a committed, responsive team. I am proud every day of the commitment and personal attention our teammates show to those with whom we work. By investing in our team, we create loyal, long-term relationships and fuel a culture of creativity, learning, growth and caring.

Banking has always been a high-touch, personal profession, but today some banks replace touchpoints with high-tech offerings and interactions. We, at Buckeye, remain firmly purposeful in building and growing relationships that are vital and beneficial. That said, Buckeye invests in technology and products that improve efficiency and contribute to your success. Digital options via the Buckeye website and mobile app allow you to access the bank on your schedule. And with business-focused offerings like the Buckeye Courier Service, you can bring the bank directly to your worksite.

As community bankers, we hold ourselves to a higher standard by ensuring that we are creating impactful relationships and making decisions that invest back into our local economy while everyone works toward Buckeye’s collective vision. 

Leo Baird, the owner of Oberlin IGA, shares our commitment to connect with those we serve. Since purchasing the store in 2014, he has enhanced its offerings and links to Oberlin through hard work. Baird and his team focus on offering excellent products and creating a positive, seamless and connected experience that delights customers. 

In this issue, we send best wishes for a fantastic retirement to two valued Buckeye family members who embody what it means to be a community banker. Linda O’Malley, Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, and Patricia Cole, Operations Specialist, were ardently committed to serving Buckeye’s clients’ needs and dedicated to being involved in the community.

Our dedicated team adds three professionals to work toward addressing our client needs and continuing Buckeye’s growth. Paul Campagna brings terrific experience to the role of Chief Lending Officer, while Jennifer Gutierrez, Loan Operational Specialist, and Chantel James, Operational Specialist, continue the tradition of building the next generation of community bankers.

For all of us, the past months have been unparalleled. The Buckeye team continues to faithfully work to help our local companies make our community more robust than ever. As always, we thank you for being part of Buckeye Community Bank.