ben norton buckeye

Jan 25, 2021

A new year is a time of renewal and recommitment to pursue the opportunities in front of us. With the challenges of the past year behind us, we are optimistic and focused to aggressively leverage the growing hope that our shared resilience has borne.

At Buckeye Community Bank, we continue to be motivated by our clients and our team’s efforts to build great businesses that strengthen the community. Throughout the years, we have looked for opportunities, no matter the obstacles, to create a foundation for success.

When I interact with the stakeholders in Buckeye’s success, whether it is clients, shareholders, staff members, or community leaders, I am motivated by the feedback. Universally, they affirm that Buckeye has made a tremendous impact and has significant momentum. We further strengthened Buckeye by refining the products and services clients needed during the past year, improved operational efficiency, and deepened commitment and collaboration with those we serve.

Recent events have tested all of us and our ability to shift behavior and approach. This year, I am confident the bold steps we have all taken will be rewarded. Together, we can work to define our future by capitalizing on the improving economic activity.

In this issue, we spotlight R.E. Warner & Associates, an engineering firm, that is at the top of its game because of a shared vision. R.E. Warner, through the guiding leadership of Ted Beltavski and its senior management team, has expanded the firm to adapt to client needs with innovative solutions. Like Buckeye, the firm has an inherent passion for developing solutions collaboratively to help its partners succeed.

Our First Mate, Cassie Duta, is exceptionally aware that no matter what technology is available to complete financial tasks, our focus remains always on working directly with people to help them be successful. At Buckeye, people matter in the authentic interactions we have with our clients, our staff and our community. While other institutions may herald the latest tech to take humans out of the equation, Buckeye’s talented team keeps the human element ingrained in our products, services and, principally, our custom solutions. We are proud that Cassie is at the forefront of Buckeye’s customer service approach that values real relationships.

We are thankful for our clients’ trust, which has been exceptional in helping us build a stronger Buckeye Community Bank. Further, I am grateful to lead a talented team focused on our clear vision and firmly held values.

In this new year, we want to provide lasting value to you. We look forward to the potential of the months ahead and the impact created with you, our partners and friends.