Ben Norton

Oct 08, 2021

As the days grow shorter, some take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the calm brought on by falling leaves and cooler temperatures. At Buckeye Community Bank, this time of year is filled with a robust push to continue the momentum and progress that has characterized our institution since our inception. The year-end is not a finish line but an opportunity for us to partner with our clients to set them up for success next year.

Today, Buckeye Community Bank is in the strongest position in its history. We retain, attract and grow our clients and talent through a focused strategy, allowing us to compete more effectively in a world of shrinking options for local business leaders. The big names spend millions trying to convince you that they understand local needs while reducing your access to capital. The market also continues to face new challenges as discussions about potential new banking regulations emerge.

Buckeye Community Bank continuously proves we are essential to our business community, with an intrinsically better knowledge of those we serve. Funds from businesses partnering with Buckeye stay here and create ripple effects impacting the local economy. Each loan used for new equipment or to grow a company leads to creating local jobs, generating local revenues and supporting local institutions and services.

Our work starts with a conversation, allowing us to understand an individual’s needs better to create a more innovative, personalized approach to match their specific plans. Buckeye’s guiding algorithm consists of a talented community banking team with solid relationships, flexibility to find solutions and a more vested interest in the local community than a large bank in a distant location.

Sandstone Candle Works, owned by Joni Poli, is one of the local businesses we are proud to call a partner. This issue of the Buckeye Beacon spotlights the company that contributes to Amherst’s vibrancy. Joni and her  team are artisans with a real passion and dedication to the community. 

Buckeye’s success directly results from its team members, who have a longstanding commitment to the community and build deep, trustworthy relationships. We recently wished Lu Ann Krumlauf, whom many of you have worked with during Buckeye’s 22 years, a very happy retirement. Lu Ann, who served as our Corporate Secretary since Buckeye started, made many contributions, and her knowledge and dedication will be missed.

Two professionals have joined our dedicated team to help connect departments and people and serve our clients better. Heather Boone brings a great deal of experience and a wide range of skills to her role as Executive Assistant. Ron Krisko, an IT Systems Specialist, adds expertise to the team that keeps us connected and secure. We are excited to welcome Heather and Ron to Buckeye Community Bank.

We are in a great position to thrive in a constantly changing market because of Buckeye’s close connections to the local business community. We hope you are proud to be affiliated with Buckeye and will spread the good word to your colleagues and friends.