Ben Norton

Apr 20, 2022

We are bombarded with the latest trends and technology meant to revolutionize business almost every day. No matter what the sector, a successful organization must be adept at adjusting strategy in response to rapid change.

However, no matter how much the world changes or how disruptive digital tools are, banking at its core remains a people-centric business. The financial well-being of our families and companies remains highly personal. Though technology may change our way of connecting, conversations remain vital to the community banker and the people we serve.

I often say that life happens one conversation at a time, which is undoubtedly true in banking. Every Buckeye Community Bank team member learns daily from different viewpoints, challenges, collaborations, and insights that save us from complacency. Community bankers continue to prove they understand the local marketplace better because of their relationship with their clients and those working to make the community vibrant.

While larger out-of-town banks work hard to personalize or humanize banking, we never forget that this is a people-to-people business. As our industry becomes more technologically advanced, it can sometimes seem disconnected from those it serves. Whether it’s blockchain, big data, or artificial intelligence, these tools will help us become better bankers, but they won’t replace the need to connect with people.

We thrive because we understand that a business is an entity created by real people who pursue innovation, a passion or a more secure future. Moreover, we recognize the challenges presented by unforeseen obstacles and the character and resiliency required to succeed.

Our Spotlight introduces Dave and Dawn Skodny, the epitome of hard work, resiliency, and entrepreneurship. Despite personal and professional setbacks, the couple’s Air Filter Factory has become one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

We also recognize Sarah Smith, who recently celebrated her 20th year at Buckeye. We appreciate her dedication not only for her tenure, but also her talent and accomplishments.

The foundation of banking has been and continues to be conversations between people. Though we look forward to innovations to improve service and products, we will not lose sight of the lessons and mission that make us your partner in an ever-changing world.