Feb 28, 2020

Buckeye Community Bank plays a tremendous role in local economic growth and stability because we serve the small businesses that are not comprehensively served by larger financial institutions. Additionally, the team at Buckeye contributes to the community in many ways with their time and talent.

Buckeye was built on deep relationships with business leaders of the community in which we live. We know the importance of understanding the continually changing economic challenges in the local marketplace. To be successful and sustaining, Buckeye, like other community banks, has to be creative in addressing the needs of local businesses because running a business takes flexibility and adaptability. If we are too rigid in the approach to serving the companies at our core, the local economy may falter.

Frequently, Buckeye can employ a more creative approach when helping a local business secure funding, even after a larger institution has rejected them. We make sound business decisions based upon our knowledge of the marketplace and insight into the borrower. These are variables larger banks may not consider when they enter the company‘s information into an unyielding, uniform statistical model that they use for evaluating businesses in all the states and regions where they have branches. The decisions made by Buckeye support local businesses, local economic growth and often the local jobs of your friends and family. Our institution is based here, so the funds deposited with Buckeye are used to fund the needs of the local businesses, not transferred to communities in another state or region.

Along with the flexibility in our decision-making process, we also are investing in the products, talent and technology that work to make running your business easier. We listen to our clients and can provide the personal and digital options you want to make banking with Buckeye simple.

Financial institutions are just one component of a prosperous economy, and local businesses contribute by achieving success for extended periods. In this issue, we spotlight Nate Woodward and his company, Bodnar Printing, which has operated in Lorain for 107 years. While its roots were in serving a growing international community in 1913, it has grown to offer local companies the skilled printing and products that make them more competitive. We appreciate that Nate’s parents, Ralph and Bonnie, who bought Bodnar in 1980, believed in Buckeye and were initial investors when we launched. Further, I am pleased to share that every issue of the Buckeye Beacon is printed professionally by the Bodnar team.

Great communities, where you can rely on your neighbors to lend a hand, are part of what makes the American experience terrific. We like to live and work where our ideals are reflected, and Buckeye’s employees are engaged in making the communities they live in better. During the past several months, Buckeye staff came together to help Second Harvest Food Bank and the Not-Forgotten Drive to ensure that families and children in need had a brighter holiday season.

David Janowicz, who is featured as the First Mate in this issue, spends his time working daily with people growing their business or starting to explore a business idea to be more successful. He carries a strong desire to give back to his hometown of Elyria and volunteers helping the efforts of great local organizations like Blessing House, Vocational Guidance Services and the Elyria Rotary Club.

Buckeye Community Bank exists to ensure that our local business community thrives. Whether you are looking for the resources necessary to grow your business or a secure option to deposit your money, your first source should be a partner like Buckeye Community Bank.