Dec 10, 2019

Recent drops in mortgage rates make it the perfect time to take advantage of Buckeye Community Bank’s residential mortgages to help buy a new home or refinance your current house.

By taking advantage of some of the lowest rates in years, Buckeye can help you capture a new purchase or possibly reduce your current mortgage payment. A lower mortgage interest rate can translate into lower monthly payments and the ability to pay off your home loan faster.

Further, refinancing an existing mortgage can allow you to pull some cash out of your home for many options such as paying off high-interest debt, make home improvements or pay for life events like college tuition or a wedding.

Buckeye’s experienced staff can explore your options and work with you to make sure you get the right loan, right rate and terms to fit your needs and budget.

To discover what options are most advantageous to you and your family, contact Buckeye’s Lou Calabrese at 440-233-3935 or

Buckeye is an Equal Housing Lender.