Aug 14, 2020

Want to improve cash flow by allowing customers to pay you faster? Buckeye Community Bank offers Pay It Now, an online payment service that can be added to your existing website. The service allows your customers the option to pay you faster by selecting a “Pay Now” button. Using Pay It Now, your clients can pay their bills using an ACH debit transaction. Additionally, you have the option to offer credit card or PayPal payments. Your client can create a Pay it Now account for future visits.

Best of all, the Buckeye team makes it easy to add the Pay It Now service to your existing website by building a Pay It Now site that matches your current site’s colors, creating a seamless appearance for your customers. You just need to add the “Pay Now” button on your website. Buckeye can also help you set up administration login to access and manage reports and customer passwords and update messages on your Pay It Now site.

For more information, contact us at 440-233-8800.