Phishing Graphic

Jan 13, 2023

How do your first car, favorite hobby and high school mascot all relate? Answering that they can be used to secure online accounts or answer online quizzes would be correct! 

Think carefully before responding to a quick web quiz or personality test that appears to be just simple fun.

The more information you share online, the greater the risk thieves can capture and misuse. According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers have increasingly been phishing for answers to security questions through online quizzes. The answers you provide could be used to reset your accounts, allowing them to access your bank and access other online accounts.

Aside from avoiding online quizzes, ensure you have strong passwords and use multi-factor authentication for your accounts. If your account requires security questions, consider treating them as different passwords and use random answers, preferably long ones. (For example, if you are asked to enter your mother's maiden name, consider entering something like parmesan or another word you'll remember). 

If you suspect an online quiz is a phishing scam, report it to or