lakeland glass

Jun 08, 2020

For a glass or glazing project to be fruitful, many factors must come together, including the right people, environment, tools and connective components. For Scott Kosman, owner and president of Lakeland Glass, he knows that teamwork and trust are two of the ingredients that help drive success.

Lakeland Glass offers various services to industrial, commercial and residential clients, ranging from custom shower doors to storefront retail glass and doors to new construction glass. The company, located in Lorain, has seen steady growth in the decades since its opening. Lakeland grew from the deep roots and entrepreneurial spirit of the Kosman family. In 1924, Scott’s grandfather, Anthony, launched Lorain Glass Company, which his father, Jack, and uncle, Gene Sofranko, successfully operated for many years.

In the early 1980s, understanding the growing needs of the local economy and possessing a competitive vision, Jack and Gene launched Lakeland Glass and its GlassHopper services, which included residential and small commercial projects.

When it opened in 1984, Lakeland had 12 employees and has grown to nearly 50. Today, Kosman operates Lakeland while his cousin Kevin Sofranko operates Lorain Glass, which also is a Buckeye Community Bank client.

“A lot of our success is linked to our excellent employees,” said Kosman. “We have good people that took a risk and started with us. I’m committed to doing what is needed to make this a great company and that includes creating an environment where employees succeed.

“I’ve surrounded myself with outstanding people and they truly make my job much easier every day. Some of us have been together for so long — witnessing births, marriages and plenty of changes — that we joke that we and Lakeland are all maturing at the same time.”

According to Kosman, Lakeland gains new clients resulting from an excellent reputation delivered from word of mouth that results from expert service, and a team that possesses great skills and longevity. Relationships and trust work for clients, employees and the companies Lakeland chooses to work with, like Buckeye Community Bank.

“We didn’t like the direction our previous bank was going, and it became more and more difficult to work with them,” said Kosman. “Buckeye was a natural fit for us when Sandi Dubell joined the bank. They have been a trusted partner when we had a need, opportunity or challenge. Bruce (Stevens), Ben (Norton) and Sandi have been there, always willing to work with us. Buckeye is not only my business’ bank, but I also use them personally. They offer several account options and have been there for the expertise I have needed.”

Buckeye CEO Bruce E. Stevens said that working with Lakeland is a natural fit as it is the type of business powering job creation and the economy in Northern Ohio.

“Lakeland is client focused on driving business performance by putting people first and having an obsessive focus on delivering great results. Our investments in the communities we serve and the companies that help them grow is fundamental,” Stevens said. “Buckeye Community Bank was founded by entrepreneurs, so the passion Scott showed for Lakeland and its future resonated with us.”

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