social media

Dec 30, 2018

In today’s hyper-connected world, any business — whether or not it is active on social media — can soon find itself the subject of posts, tweets, likes or dislikes. Having clear guidelines can help your employees understand ways to use social media in responsible ways.

While it is best to develop a comprehensive social media policy for your company that includes guidelines, best practices and training, here are some steps you can take today.

  • Remind Employees of Work and Personal Lines — How one represents themselves on their social media accounts can often bleed to the professional realm. Remind your team that how they portray or express themselves might result in negative professional consequences and that it is essential to make it clear who they are representing — the company or themselves.
  • Professionally Presenting Views — Think carefully when considering posting controversial views, as well as understanding the right channels and what is appropriate content to share.
  • Keep Work Items Confidential — Any complaints or concerns in the workplace should be addressed in internal channels, rather than with an audience that could include your customers or partners. Plus, disclosing proprietary information online can have real consequences.