Photo of Ben Norton

Jan 24, 2023

Although success is never guaranteed, having the right plans, partners and ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions can increase your chance of success. Buckeye Community Bank’s mission of empowering local businesses and communities has never been more needed as locally owned banks continue to disappear.

I have seen Buckeye’s mission in action as we work with clients of all sizes in various industries to meet their unique challenges and opportunities. Buckeye’s team of community bankers has built trust with our clients through hard work, commitment and ingenuity. I can’t begin to express my pride in what Buckeye has accomplished over the past year, but there is still much more to do.

We are excited about Buckeye’s future because we have many attributes that set us apart in the marketplace – local roots, local decision-making, local insights and a genuine commitment to partner with our local clients today and tomorrow. 

Throughout Buckeye’s history, we have faced numerous challenges. Our disciplined management has enabled us to navigate each one and serve as a source of strength for clients, colleagues, investors and communities.

Despite the many challenges we all have faced, Buckeye continued to generate strong earnings in 2022. With shrinking margins, increased regulatory costs and an uncertain economy, the banking industry, including Buckeye, faces strong headwinds. However, we choose to be optimistic and focus on helping our local businesses thrive.

In this issue, we introduce you to Dr. Kristin Yacobozzi, who is growing a legacy of care established more than 60 years ago at Amherst Animal Hospital. Dr. Yacobozzi understands that relationships and earned trust are vital to enriching the lives of those she serves and how important an engaged team is in that process.

In addition, we are pleased to welcome Madison Ball, Laura Pritchard and Nicole Rourke to the Buckeye team. Each professional brings a unique commitment and talent, adding to Buckeye’s professional environment and translating to higher quality service not found at the large banks.

The disruptions of the recent past have also created a catalyst for new opportunities to grow our offerings and reach. Our foundation is a commitment to the power of local and a  responsibility to our communities. The Buckeye team is proud of our efforts to expand the bank’s reach and looks forward to building on that commitment in the future.

We remain committed to cultivating deep relationships and a strong culture that will contribute to local growth and development. It is exciting to see our activities enable people and organizations to accomplish remarkable things. 

Despite the volatility of the current environment, I see unlimited opportunities ahead. I am encouraged by the work of our board of directors, leadership team, and staff that support our clients to achieve success in the face of current challenges. With continued dedication to our mission, I am confident we will accomplish much more together.