Meet Our Staff

Buckeye First Mates


Jason McDonald, Credit Analyst.  Jason works on evaluating an applicant's creditworthiness as part of the lending process.  The work involves investigating financial statements and credit reports, as well as reviewing any other relevant financial data to gather the information needed to determine if the loans make sense.  The analysis then is presented to the loan committee to help in its work.  Jason joined Buckeye Bank in February 2017 after serving as a Senior Financial Analyst for Lorain County Community Development.  Jason likes Buckeye Bank becuase "It has a great group of great professionals.  There is a strong sense of culture here and a real focus on serving clients.  Joining Buckeye Bank was attractive to me because it plays a real role in helping the local economy grow."  Residing in his home town of Elyria, Ohio, Jason is the father of three girls and loves to spend time with them.  Also, he has been an amateur musician for years and enjoys playing guitar.