Investor Scams Graphic
Jun 23, 2023

Protect Yourself - Beware of Investor Scams

Make sure your money and financial future are protected. The number of investment scams is rising, and they can devastate you. 

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Financial Abuse Graphic
Jun 15, 2023

Stop Senior Financial Abuse

Financial crimes are increasingly victimizing seniors.

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Photo of Ted Beltavski
Jun 13, 2023

Spotlight on R.E. Warner

For 70 years, R E Warner & Associates has met the ever-changing dynamics of different sectors by building a talented team and strong reputation with projects around the United

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Internet Safety Graphic
Jun 12, 2023

Protect Yourself - Internet Safety Month

June is National Internet Safety Month. It's a great time to ensure we're protected in the digital world. 

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Scam Graphic
Jun 02, 2023

Avoid the Facebook Hack

A Facebook direct message hacking scam is quickly spreading, according to cybersecurity experts. A phishing scam known as "Look Who Died" tries to get access to your Facebook account by sending you

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Online Marketplace Scams
May 26, 2023

Avoid Online Marketplace Scams

Online marketplaces provide great options if you're looking to buy gear or sell your stuff to earn some extra cash. Avoid online marketplace scams by staying vigilant.

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Tax Fix Graphic
May 11, 2023

Beware of Easy Tax Fix Scams

Although tax season has passed, you may still need to deal with tax issues.

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Photo of Nancy and Ed Stewart
May 01, 2023

Spotlight: Stewart’s TV and Appliance 

The city of Elyria has seen many changes over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is the family-owned Stewart’s TV & Appliance on Cleveland Street.

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Photo of Ben Norton
May 01, 2023

Buckeye Update - President and CEO Ben Norton

The news has been dominated by the failure of out-of-state financial institutions and the potential strain they may put on the American and global banking systems.

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Photo of Chris Pratt
May 01, 2023

First Mate - Chris Pratt

The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to helping a valued institution grow presented an exciting challenge and drew Chris Pratt to Buckeye Community Bank

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Photo of Project Team
May 01, 2023

Buckeye Cares: Preparing New Professionals for Success

Buckeye Community Bank prides itself on its commitment to actively engaging with its clients and local businesses, as well as the institutions and organizations that make up the co

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Community Graphic
May 01, 2023

The Power of Community Banks

There are many advantages to partnering with Buckeye Community Bank over an out-of-town megabank.

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