Cash Flow Graphic
May 01, 2023

Streamline Your Cash Flow

With cash management services from Buckeye Community Bank, you have real-time access to your accounts without

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Fake Invoice Graphic
Apr 26, 2023

Protect Your Business from Fake Invoices

Businesses are targeted by scammers who send fake invoices for nonexistent services or products, hoping you’ll pay. Each year, millions of dollars are lost by organizations of all sizes.

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Photo of Air Filter Factory
Apr 12, 2023

Spotlight on Air Filter Factory

Every business owner knows that they will occasionally face adversity.

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Photo of David Janowicz
Apr 07, 2023

First Mate - David Janowicz

The opportunity to make real connections in the community is what drove David Janowicz back to his hometown years ago and to join Buckeye Community Bank. Janowicz,

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Bank Graphic
Apr 06, 2023

The Power of Community Banking

It’s Community Banking Month and a great reminder that working with Buckeye Community Bank offers several benefits compared to out-of-town institutions.

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Photo of Sarah Smith
Mar 29, 2023

Buckeye First Mate - Sarah Smith

The interwoven success of thriving local businesses and a growing community motivates Sarah Smith’s work at Buckeye Community Bank.

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Photo of Heather Boone
Mar 22, 2023

First Mate - Heather Boone

From economic development to supporting local initiatives, Heather Boone believes in the power a community bank plays in the critical development of communities.

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Update Graphic
Mar 14, 2023

Do the Troubled Banks Affect Us?

Recent news about Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in New York may raise some questions.

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Scam Graphic3
Mar 09, 2023

Protect Yourself - National Slam the Scam Day

Avoid becoming the victim of fraud and know what to do if your Social Security information is compromised. 

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Tax ID Graphic
Mar 07, 2023

Beware of Tax ID Theft

This time of year, identity thieves attempt to steal your personal information and file fraudulent tax returns in your name.

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Tax Fraud Graphic
Feb 23, 2023

Avoid Fake Tax Preparers

Protecting yourself against fake tax preparers is essential, as using an unscrupulous preparer can result in errors on your tax return, incorrect tax liabilities or even identity theft. 

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Photo of Cassie
Feb 17, 2023

Cassie Duta - Buckeye First Mate

While the banking landscape has changed dramatically over the years, the interactions with clients and quality service delivered have remained constant for Buckeye Community Bank’s

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